We will boost your HR policy

Devise, design and build striking Talent Acquisition architecture. Our focus always leads to growth. Growth of your employer brand, growth of your recruitment effectivity and growth of your HR technology architecture. HRlinkIT really gets you on to the right path.
Talent Acquisition Marketing

Are you such a wow brand to which talent is spontaneously attracted to? Or are you rather the inconspicuous champion that is hardly noticed among the large brands?

The difference? A dynamic brand, a surprising career site and an attractive image.

Candidate Relationship Management

Transparent communication with every potential candidate is crucial. But how can you get a clear overview of all appointments of current applications? How can you manage your vacancies and candidates from one application?

You can streamline your entire recruitment process from now on with CRM software!


Large corporates experience a continuous inflow and outflow of freelancers and permanent and flexible staff. Often, their mobility is not transparent and therefore employers and candidates fail to interact. You will be the link that allows the demand and supply of work communicate with an online marketplace. 

Flexible hiring

Do you have to search for dozens of flexible employees each day? Are you also inconvenienced by the time-consuming hiring process of different clients within this context? Do you want to find your people, comply with contractual agreements and ensure all payments take place correctly?


Your digital recruitment systems have high levels of valuable and interesting data. Not using this data would be a pity. You can, after all, really analyse everything digitally. Which sources deliver benefits? Or which marketing actions will lead to the best results?

You can manage dynamically with Tamo and Jobfeed and you will, from now on, deploy the right channels and communication resources.