Driven by smart software

but focusing firmly on people, we ensure that searching for talent is made easier. Developer, marketeer and HR professional work in harmony with us on one ambitious plan: finding the best talent with the best software. HR architects from A to Z, triggered by powerful software. That is HRlinkIT. That’s what we love to do.

The team

With a compact but excellent team we laugh, discuss and mainly get a lot of work done. Our varied work floor really has much to offer: from a Frisbee-playing HR expert to an IT consultant who excels in the kitchen.Discover our team and who will soon be realising your ambitions here.


Nobody can create the best solutions ever on their own. We combine our know-how and options together with our partners.

This ensures that we can achieve even more for our clients.


HRlinkIT is dynamic and our team is very varied. And yet we have a common focus, a unique code that cannot be replaced. This DNA makes us into what we are, what we do and mainly: which vibes we exude.

Our customers

HR Service Providers & Corporates, large or small: we will always turn our clients into HR champions who find, captivate and include talent with the right technology. We could proudly give these clients an HR boost. 


We like transparent and clear. An HR strategy from idea to finished product, from employer branding to HR technology. Talent Acquisition in all its forms is our focus. 

A focus without borders. Two hundred kilometres to the north, we meet Talmark, experts in recruitment marketing.